The most obvious reason for building an aluminum screen enclosure over your swimming pool has been to protect you, and your pool, from insects and debris. Swimming pool enclosures are designed with a high grade screen, much like a window screen, but much more durable. Screen enclosures create a see through barrier around your pool, keep pests out, and more importantly, keep kids and pets in. Depending on local laws and ordinances, a screened pool enclosure may even meet the requirement to secure access, to your swimming pool, from unauthorized guests.

Saving Time & Money

By reducing the amount of debris and foreign objects that fall into your swimming pool, an aluminum framed screen enclosure will reduce maintenance, and save you money. The average pool maintenance cost is around $3000 per year, and can reach $5000, or more. Maintaining your swimming pool is important yet, saving time and money is too! Many gulf coast homeowners simply do not have the time to maintain a pool, or would rather spend their free time enjoying a cool swim. With less debris to accumulate in your swimming pool filters, building a pool enclosure protects your pocket book too.

Transparently Secure

The visual appeal of a pool enclosure works two ways. It is important to restrict access to your swimming pool, but what about the view? Six foot wooden security fences restrict access to a swimming pool, but they also restrict the view. A screened pool enclosure can offer a transparent way of maintaining pool security without compromising the view of your beautiful landscape.